Having A Reader Experience

One of the comments that I have heard many times from readers is how the information they get from the magazine stays with them. This past December, I had that experience myself and I know exactly what our readers meant.

I have to be a bit vague in my description out of respect for others involved, but I was able to handle a difficult situation much more easily due to having read a past article from one of our contributors. I didn’t think about that until after my situation has resolved itself, but I remember that my actions were a direct result of what I had read in that article. It felt really great as a publisher to share a reader experience (that doesn’t happen often when you’re a publisher); and it also felt great to know that we have these experts among us.

As we kick off another year of publishing, I look forward to continuing to deliver important health information around the region via Health Matters. We live in a unique time when information is both so easily accessible, and yet so dubious in terms of being trustworthy. You can find nearly anything on the internet, but there is no detector to let you know if the information is true or false. As many pharmacists will tell you, that leads to many problems when people self-diagnose their symptoms and then attempt to self-prescribe their cures. With Health Matters, you have a person you can actually access in your community – someone you can hold accountable.

Every professional in this magazine takes that “oath” of sorts when they publish here. First, they are confident in the advice or advertising they put forward, and second, they are willing to be questioned about it. That gives a consumer some confidence when it comes to making decisions about who to trust with their personal health. You don’t really get a do-over if you mess up your health, so it becomes important that we manage our bodies the best we can with the knowledge we have available. As a quote I once came across reads, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Best wishes for a great 2017. May it be healthful and happy and your best year ever!