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HM Winter 2018 Full Magazine
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Winter 2018 Cover

Inside Front Cover
Festival of Outdoor Rinks

Page 1 – Table of Contents
Index, Publisher’s Note

Page 2 – Health Hotlines and Information
Local and Toll Free Health Numbers

Page 3 – Canada’s Agricultural Day
Celebrate Canada’s Ag Day

Page 4-5 – Health Facts
Fun Facts

Page 6 – Whey Underrated
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Page 7 – DNA and Medications
Rowan’s Pharmasave

Page 8 – Why Self-Care Matters
Responsibility Healthy, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Ottawa Valley Business

Page 9 – Homepathy and a Healthy Appetite
Veronika Zhmurko, Beach-West Pharmacy, Training & Learning Centre, Johnston & Mackie

Page 10 – Consider RTO Health Insurance
Retired Teachers of Ontario, Clancy’s Drugstore, Hospice Renfrew

Page 11-15 – Stories of the Invictus Games
Interview with Invictus Games participants: Brenda McPeak, Dan Graham and Mike Trauner

Page 16 – Ottawa Valley Jobs
Ottawa Valley Jobs

Page 17 – Three Parts to a More Active Life
Integrated Health Centre

Page 18-19 – A Different Kind of Flying School
Pembroke & Area Airport

Page 20 – The Smudging Ceremony
Circle of Turtle Lodge, VOXX Life, It’s Sew Fun, Pura Vida Nutrition

Page 21 – Drug Coverage for Ontarians Age 24 and Under
Conway’s Pharmacy

Page 22 – Celebrate March 8th
Forward Thinking Marketing Agency

Page 23 – How You Can Have the Life You Want
Lorraine MacDonald, St. Francis Herb Farm

Page 24 – Get To Know Curling
A Curling Quiz

Page 25 – 27 – Training for 10 Minutes
Interview with World Kettlebell Silver Medallist, Heather Kilius

Page 28 – Let’s Move Out of Our Silos
Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley

Page 29 – Is Your Portfolio Healthy
Edward Jones – John Branecki, Downtown Pembroke, Dentistry at Arnprior

Page 30 – Being Safe Around An Open Flame
Layman Fire & Safety

Page 31 – Caring at the End of Life

Page 32 – Get a Winter Workout
Snow Country Snowmobile Region, Joyce Layman Creations, MPP John Yakabuski, Kin Club of Pembroke

Page 33 – Crossword
Crossword Puzzle

Page 34-35 – Health Services Listings
Health Businesses and Organizations

Page 36 – Crossword Answers
Crossword Answers; Olympic Games Facts, Curling Quiz Answers

Inside Back Cover
Health Matters Magazine

Back Cover
Integrated Health Centre